Here at Finney Pointing Services our aim is to offer a pointing service that puts your property at the heart of what we do. From brick repairs to full pointing jobs, we pride ourselves on treating every property as if it was our own.




Help weather seal your property and protect exterior surfaces from deterioration.




Our process


When Pointing mortar joints we first remove the old mortar by grinding out to a depth of at least 15mm using a five inch diamond cutting disc to ensure a clean cut to the top and bottom of the joint.

We make sure all work areas are clear of dust and debris, we then brush out the joints and jet wash the surface to clean away any built up debris that may still be visible.

After that remedial work may be undertaken replacing any damaged bricks or stone and repairing any cracks.

Once mortar joints are fully prepped and cleaned we then begin to point the surface using a variety of pointing techniques to suit your property. These could be either bucket handle, weather struck, or recessed pointing. Various coloured dyes can be added to achieve the perfect colour match for your property.



Benefits of our pointing service



  • Keeping property weather sealed
  • Reducing the risk of damp
  • Restoring brickwork on period properties
  • Structural integrity of your property
  • Maintain or significantly increase overall value of your property
  • Adding visual appeal to your property
Stone Farm House Pointing
Semi detached repoint
Stone wall pointing and acid wash
Terraced house repointing

Finney Pointing Services offers a service that is tailored to your property




We can repair any size & type of chimney from repointing mortar joints to replacing lead flashings.




What to look out for


Most chimney stacks are visible from the outside of your property therefore by design are made to withstand the elements. Over time this can lead to issues usually caused by weathering. Usually your main cause for concern will be the chimneys brickwork and the flaunching on top.


Flaunching ?


The chimneys Flaunching is the strong layer of mortar at the top of the chimney that cements the chimney pots into place. Usually made from a strong sand and cement ratio, flaunching ensures that the pots and the top course of brick bond together creating a tough waterproof surface. Cracked flaunching is a common problem and if overlooked can cause further damage due to water getting trapped in between the crack which can expand overtime due to subsequent freezing. Also chimney pots may need to be capped if unused or to protect against rain blowing down the chimney creating damp issues internally.


Pointing services for brickwork


Exterior brickwork on a chimney stack can be the main issue when dealing with a damaged chimney. The stack itself which protects the internal flues can have badly worn mortar joints and heavily damaged brickwork. If unresolved this can lead to issues around damp due to moisture penetrating through the brickwork. Furthermore Corbelling which  is the brickwork at the top of the chimney, can overtime start to deteriorate potentially leading to a rebuild or reduction especially with more elaborate chimney designs.




We can give your property a long lasting impact, while retaining the integrity of your homes masonry surface.




What is Acid Cleaning ?

Acid Cleaning is the process of high pressure cleaning to brick or stone using chemical cleaning solutions that clean away built up deposits of carbon and dirt from your properties exterior surface. Masonry surfaces such as brick and stone are porus thus ideal for built up dirt and grime to accumulate over time, permanently staining brickwork and damaging surfaces. High pressure cleaning offers the best solution for restoring your properties exterior back to its former glory, especially when working alongside our pointing services.


Advantages of acid cleaning


  • Increased curb appeal and exterior attractiveness of property
  • Raise value of property / make property more saleable
  • Removal of harmful dirt and carbon deposits built up within masonry surface
  • Regular cleaning of brickwork helps to maintain the integrity of your property




Our team Carry out all aspects of brick and masonry repairs from repairing damaged walls to replacing lintels.




Damaged brickwork

Cracked and damaged bricks can cause numerous problems to your property such as damp and mould which will need to be repaired as soon as possible. Usually the most common signs that brickwork needs repairing is when the brick is cracked / crumbling  or the face of the brick has been blown off due to winter freezing. Water and moisture can easily penetrate through cracks potentially creating damp inside your property. Air bricks may need to be added to help with ventilation and to prevent any issues around damp.


Keep an eye out for


  • Cracks to brickwork
  • Crumbling brick & motar
  • Face of brickwork blown off
  • Damp and mould on interior walls


Lintel repair

Overtime lintels can crack leading to further structural issues if left unresolved especially with older properties. Above most windows and doors will be some sort of lintel either brick, steel, or concrete. First signs of lintel failure is cracking in the masonry above the window and doors. Vertical cracks will appear diagonally up and from the top corners creating stepped cracks. In all cases Finney Pointing Services can guid you though the process and advise you on the best course of action to prevent further structural damage to your property.



Stitching is a method that repairs and reinforces cracked walls. When mortar beds become weakened due to movement and damage brickwork cracks will appear. Stitching is a successful method of repair while helping to retain the properties structural capabilities. The method comprise of raking out the damaged mortar joints to reveal the top and bottom of the masonry faces. Then anchor grout is used to cement helical bars (steel reinforcing bars) into the damaged crack before grouting over the bars ensuring a packed and strong finish.



With a dedicated team of professional tradesman with over 25years of experience and extensive knowledge in the building and construction industry we can ensure a professional and quality pointing service in Oldham / Manchester.


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